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Well hello there! Call me Mirror - I'm a young adult from somewhere in the lower half of Australia. I'm not a guy, but I'm happy being called they or he. I really like certain video games, my favourite/most common genres including visual novels, rhythm games, and JRPGs (mostly turn-based things like Pokemon or stuff from the Shin Megami Tensei or Persona series - if the gameplay is anything like that, I'll probably enjoy it). I also love art and photography, an anime or two, Vocaloid media in general, making my own cosplay outfits, and customising things online - obviously, hehe. I also really enjoy watching tech videos on youtube like repairs n stuff, despite how the most advanced thing I've ever done was installing custom firmware on my old 3ds and replacing its battery.

This page and whole site is very much still a work in progress, I started it at some point in 2022 and forgot for a while until I found some more website resources and decided to make this like a journal of sorts.

Anyway, this site will probably be mostly for my progress in various games, some life thoughts, and anything else I feel like! It was nice to meet you, and I hope you enjoy your stay :)


Also, since I haven't set up a page for my friends' testimonials or anything yet, I'd like you all to know what my friend Matt says about me: "2/10 didn't eat enough bug :/"